Decision Could Come By The End of the Month on P.A.'s Photo ID Law

09.14.12 | Sarah Harnisch

There are no decisions yet on Pennsylvania's photo id law. The state's Supreme Court justices aggressively questioned whether the law would steal the right to vote from people living in the Keystone state. The six justices, 3 Republicans and 3 Democrats, saved their most aggressive questions for lawyers representing the state and Governor Tom Corbett, who signed the law in March. A couple of exchanges became testy during the 80 minutes of arguments. The justices did not say when they would decide, although lawyers in the case expect them to rule before the end of September. Pennsylvania Congressman Glenn Thompson told our newsroom the law protects the integrity of the elections. "There are some that actually argue that voter fraud does not occur. And that's just not the case. In Maryland, there was a democratic congressional candidate who recently withdrew from the ballot because he voted in Maryland and Florida. The folks that are arguing against this law are the same ones who were more then happy to show a picture ID to get into the Democratic National Convention last week."