Damaging Winds Expected Sunday

02.22.19 | Bob Price

A significant wind storm is shaping up for Sunday. A High Wind Warning has been issued by the National Weather Service from Sunday morning to Monday morning.

Sustained winsa of 35 to 45 mph are forecast with gusts to 75 mph at times. Winds of these magnitudes are almost certain to be responsible for some significant power outages and tree damage.

There's another concern. Tom Niziol, Winter Weather expert for The Weather Channel is warning about lake ice. He fears the winds could force ice on Lake Erie to go over the ice boom, clogging the lower Niagara River.

The National Weather Service in Buffalo has issued a High Wind
Warning, which is in effect from 7 AM Sunday to 10 AM EST Monday.
The High Wind Watch is no longer in effect.

* LOCATIONS...Niagara, Orleans, Monroe, Jefferson, Erie,
Genesee, and Chautauqua counties.

* TIMING...From early Sunday morning through early Monday

* WINDS...West 35 to 45 mph with gusts up to 75 mph.

* IMPACTS...Strong wind gusts will bring down numerous trees and
power lines and result in widespread power outages. Power may
be out for several days in some areas. Shallow rooted pines
will be particularly vulnerable. Property damage is also
possible, especially to roofs and siding. Buildings under
construction and old deteriorating buildings may be damaged
significantly. Travel in high profile vehicles will be very
difficult at times, and empty tractor trailers may be in
danger of being blown off the road.


High winds of 58 mph or greater will make driving difficult and
could result in property damage, including downed trees and power
lines. Scattered power outages are expected. Home owners should
secure loose objects.


The National Weather Service in Buffalo has issued a Lakeshore
Flood Watch, which is in effect from Sunday morning through late
Sunday night.

* LOCATIONS...Niagara, Erie, and Chautauqua counties.

* LAKE SHORE FLOODING...Powerful southwest winds may gust up to 75
mph from Sunday morning through late Sunday night. Winds of this
magnitude will result in significant water rises and ice
movement on the eastern end of Lake Erie.

* TIMING...From Sunday morning through late Sunday night.

* IMPACTS...Lakeshore flooding is possible along the lake Erie
shoreline, including the Buffalo Harbor and Waterfront from the
expected seiche. Ice in the eastern basin of Lake Erie may get
pushed onto shoreline areas along Lake Erie, including the
Buffalo Harbor. In addition, ice may get pushed across the ice
boom and into the Upper Niagara River, resulting in damage along
the Upper Niagara River shoreline.


A Lakeshore Flood Watch means that conditions favorable for
lakeshore flooding are expected to develop. Residents on or near
the shore should take action to protect property...and listen for
later statements or warnings.