Cuomo on fate of fracking ....don’t hold your breath !

12.17.13 | Bob Price

If you’re waiting for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to make a decision on hydro-fracking ...don’t hold your breath.  He says he still hasn’t set a date for deciding the fate of the unconventional drilling technique.  When pressed on the issue, the governor said he will decide whether New York should allow hydraulic fracturing by Election Day year - maybe.  Cuomo also cautioned that he doesn't want even “that” ballpark estimate to pressure his staff into a hasty recommendation to lift or make permanent a 2008 moratorium on “fracking".  The controversial drilling method taps gas deep in shale deposits. The thorny political decision will impact Cuomo's re-election campaign next year and potentially his chances in 2016 should he choose to run for president.