C-PP Discusses Common Core Lesson Plan Replacement, Elementary Schedule Change

03.06.14 | Bob Price

After deciding to stop using New York State’s lesson plans for Common Core, Corning-Painted Post School District leaders met Wednesday night to talk about replacement curriculum.

The school board says the teaching plans from the state in English and Math weren't working for their students, or their parents. They are still teaching their students Common Core standards—but the way they do that is changing. About two months after announcing that decision, the board met to discuss their progress.

They say they will develop lesson plans from a combination of their own creations, purchased plans and even from the State's Common Core lesson plans (EngageNY).

“It's not any different than really what we have done in the past,” said Superintendent Michael Ginalski, who points out the district used to always create its own lesson plans. “We've always pulled from a number of different resources. It's all a matter of utilizing a solid framework as we move forward to ensure that we aren't all over the place.”

District leaders said they will use an evaluation program to make sure their lesson plans are teaching students the Common Core standards they need. Ginalski said they plan to start changes by next month and gradually phase them into next school year.

The district also proposed changing the elementary school schedule slightly next year. They said it will put all schools on the same schedule, give students more instruction time and help students with special needs. They will be meeting with parents to discuss that.