Black Lives Matter Event Draws Hundreds at Bloomsburg University

07.28.16 | Bob Price

Hundreds of people marched on Bloomsburg University as part of a Black Lives Matter movement Wednesday.

As they walked, they chanted and carried signs, pictures, even flags.

"I am carrying the black pride flag. This represents our freedom after years of struggle. The red represents the blood that we shed through slavery and our hardship. The black represents our people, the color of our skin, and the green represents the freedom of the land that we set on,” said Brittany Thompson, a Bloomsburg University student.

This Black Lives Matter event was organized by students at Bloomsburg University.

"It's not that we're saying that we're better than anybody, but we're saying that we should be treated fairly,” said Bloomsburg student and one of the event organizers, James Small.

"It'll be a positive message for not just Bloomsburg, but every other school to see that we can walk together with the police but walk together and be together,” said Kyohn Page, another Bloomsburg student and organizer.

Organizers say they wanted to educate students about the Black Lives Matter movement.

It began in 2012 after an unarmed black teen was shot and killed in Florida.

It has gained momentum after several black men across the country were recently killed by police officers.

"I'm here today to be able to stand with my brothers and sisters who are black because I feel like there are a lot of injustices going on in this world,” said Kerry Boehret, a Bloomsburg student who is white.

Police were part of the event on campus.

"It makes me feel safe and secure. Like my parents were afraid because they didn't want anything to happen to me, but I assured them I was safe with the police being here so it makes me feel better that we have more support,” said Marqeshay Tomlinson, a student at the university.

After they walked, hundreds held hands on the academic quad on campus and had a moment of silence.

"We don't want to be looked at as another stereotype. We want people to know that we can stay calm. Calm, cool, and collected without having to react out of anger,” said Dena Weaver, another student.

The organizers at Bloomsburg University were pleased with the turnout said they are hopeful it inspires change, understanding, and unity.