As The President Picks Up Momentum In PA, Most Aren't Seeing It As A Swing State Anymore

09.17.12 | Sarah Harnisch

Pennsylvania may be less of a swing vote then most people think. Not so long ago, both major parties thought they could win the state. The Keystone state is proving to be second-tier in importance to states like Florida, Ohio, Colorado, Virginia and Wisconsin, which are getting the brunt of the poltical advertising. As of Labor Day, Mitt Romney yanked all of his ads out of the state. Ross Baker, a professor of political science at Rutger's University, says the feeling was that there would be a real battle for P.A., but polls show the President is picking up a lot of strength across the Keystone state-- he leads by 8 points in nearly every poll. Despite that, Governor Corbett and Senator Pat Toomey have predicted Romney would carry the state.