An athiest group in Pennsylvania has filed a federal lawsuit asking that they be allowed to give their own invocation at the opening of each session

08.26.16 | Sarah Harnisch

The group Pennsylvania Nonbelievers filed the lawsuit Thursday against House Speaker Mike Turzai and five lawmakers.

Republicans fired back for the first time last night. Cumberland County State Representative Steven Bloom says there's no gray area in this case. "A person who does not believe there is a god, can't actually do a prayer.  it's been a tradition.  If a court would order our time of prayer be led by a person that explicitly does not believe in God, it's no longer a prayer, it's just a waste of everybody's time."

The group says the House policy violates their constitutional rights, because they must be silently reverent during prayers.

Representative Bloom says that case is no case.

The group wants a judge to order House officials to allow them to give the invocation. No date has been set yet for arguments to start.