2 of the 4 Senators That Voted for Same Sex Marriage In NY Keep Their Seats, So Far

09.25.12 | Sarah Harnisch

The Family Life News team has been closely watching the primary campaigns of 4 Republicans that had voted in favor of same sex marriage. One of the races was decided Monday night.  Of the four, Mark Grisanti won in a landslide in western New York, and James Alesi in Monroe County retired. The other two races were too close to count. After counting absentee ballots, by a slim margin of victory, State Senator Steve Saland will hold onto his seat. Saland won Duchess and Putnam counties by 107 votes. The Republican challenge was the first Saland had ever faced in his 18 elections for the state legislature. He said he recognized it was because of his support of same sex marriage. The other outstanding race, Roy McDonald, from the capitol region, is still being counted.

In a related story, the U.S. Supreme Court could announce today whether it will take up the issue of same-sex marriage.  There are two pending appeals cases in which the high court may or may not decide to hear arguments. One involves the legal rights of surviving same sex partners, the other, a challenge to laws denying gay couples to wed. If the court moves forward, oral arguments and an eventual ruling won't come until next year.