List by Month: 9-2017

PA's top law enforcement official is looking into the Equifax data breach

09.11.17 | Terry Diener

Hillary Clinton says she's done being a candidate for public office

09.11.17 | Bob Price

The 69 year-old tells CBS's Jane Pauley that the 2016 race for president was her last campaign. Clinton's new book What Happened is due out tomorrow.  It attempts to explain her election loss to President Trump last November. In her book...

Someone vandalized a Christopher Columbus statue outside the Broome Bounty Courthouse

09.11.17 | Bob Price

The word "murderer" was spray-painted over the bust of the Italian explorer in Binghamton, NY.

PA politicians get down to 'brass tacks' of filling a state budget hole today

09.11.17 | Terry Diener

State lawmakers are returning to the capital in Harrisburg for the first time in seven weeks with a fiscal emergency on their hands. At issue is how to come up with the money to keep state agencies, programs, schools and institutions funded at...

A church near Horseheads, NY celebrates an important milestone next weekend

09.08.17 | Bob Price

That is when the Breesport Baptist Church will mark its 150th anniversary. Senior Pastor Doug Foreman says it's humbling to know the church is still "Bible preaching and disciple making." He notes that "God is still in the business of changing...

A new university report examines how flooding is impacting rural parts of PA

09.08.17 | Bob Price

The commonwealth's pattern of housing development along rivers and streams makes it one of the most flood-prone states anywhere in America. Researchers at Penn State and Bucknell universities estimate nearly a million Pennsylvania residents, or...

NY's attorney general warns residents in W NY about a fake batch of oxycodone

09.08.17 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman visited Buffalo Thursday urging caution about a potentially lethal new batch of fentanyl that's made its way into western New York. Schneiderman says the pills look just like oxycodone. Investigators with a...

Experts are predicting robust fall foliage this autumn in PA and NY

09.08.17 | Terry Diener

Ryan Reed, an environmental education specialist in the Bureau of Forestry, says the groundwork has really been laid for fall color. Because of a wet summer, he says the leaves are loaded with sugars, which should boost the vibrancy of fall...

PA is asking the federal government for more time to roll out it's new Real IDs

09.07.17 | Terry Diener

These new forms of identification will soon be mandatory to board airplanes or enter government buildings. According to PennDOT, the state should be able to begin issuing IDs that comply with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's more...

Education experts are reminding motorists about safety around school buses

09.07.17 | Bob Price

Education experts are reminding motorists about the rules of the road when it comes to school buses. Dr. Ralph Kerr with the Teaching and Learning Institute in Houghton, New York, say "do not pass" when a bus's red lights are flashing. He also...