List by Month: 9-2009

Taliban Is Now Almost Everywhere In Afghanistan

09.10.09 | FL News Team

Insurgent attacks have increased dramatically across northern Afghanistan.

NASA Releases New Images From Hubble Telescope

09.10.09 | FL News Team

Operators say it is more powerful than ever before.

Cuomo Releases Report on State Police

09.09.09 | FL News Team

A former high ranking member of the State Police may have committed obstruction of justice...

NATO Frees Kidnapped "New York Times" Reporter In Afghanistan

09.09.09 | FL News Team

A British "New York Times" journalist being held by the Taliban in northern Afghanistan was freed early today...

Obama Tries To Re-Set Raging Healthcare Debate

09.09.09 | FL News Team

Conservatives continue to attack the government option.

Ribbon-Cutting For Flight 93 Memorial Planned

09.09.09 | FL News Team

The National Park Service recently signed agreements with land owners.

FLN Offers Expanded Afternoon News Coverage

09.08.09 | Cecil Van Houten

New 5 PM Newscast Brings More News & Information to Listeners

Come Alive Tour

09.08.09 | Darcie Schwarz

Featuring Mark Shultz and Point of Grace in concert

Buddies Take Off On JetBlue Travel Pass Odyssey

09.08.09 | FL News Team

It might be the ultimate road trip: Four guys, 48 airline flights to 28 cities in 31 days....

Study: Irregular Eating Times Bad For Waistline

09.08.09 | FL News Team

Researchers have discovered eating at irregular times has a huge influence on weight gain...