List by Month: 8-2020

A forest expert says the fall foliage could be disappointing in parts of PA this fall

08.31.20 | Terry Diener

Marc Abrams, Penn State professor of forest ecology and physiology says its hard to be optimistic for great fall coloration in the areas now under extreme drought because it has persisted for so long.   For nearly four decades Abrams has...

The wedding rollercoaster continues in the Empire State

08.31.20 | Brandon Dickson

More than 1,000 wedding businesses across New York have signed onto a class action lawsuit filed against Governor Cuomo and Attorney General Tish Jmes, among others. Attorney Anthony Rupp says besides abiding by the 50 percent occupancy limit...

Blind voters in PA will be able to use a new platform to vote remotely

08.31.20 | Terry Diener

The Pennsylvania Department of State will implement Democracy Live’s OmniBallot tool in response to a state court’s ruling that the previous paper ballot system used in the absentee and mail-in ballot process violated the Americans...

SUNY Oneonta in Upstate New York is closing it's campus for two weeks

08.31.20 | Brandon Dickson

COVID-19 outbreaks caused by multiple student parties are being blamed. SUNY Chancellor Jim Malatras says one or two parties can turn into dozens of coronavirus cases. Oneonta is the first college campus in New York to close due to COVID. More...

Gov. Wolf is calling on lawmakers to make needed changes to ensure the safety of mail-in voting this Nov.

08.27.20 | Bob Price

With less than 70 days to go before the vote, Governor Wolf is pleading with Republicans and Democrats in Pennsylvania to find common ground and fix glitches that could delay results on November 3rd. Up to 10 times as many people are expected to...

Governor Cuomo blasts new CDC guidelines when it comes to the coronavirus

08.27.20 | Brandon Dickson

The Centers for Disease Control now says if you're exposed to people with the virus, but are healthy you may not need to get tested. Cuomo believes it's an effort by the Trump Administration to "artificially" lower the overall infection...

A ceremonial sauna for Native Americans could be coming to the state prison in State College

08.27.20 | Terry Diener, Brandon Dickson

Benner State Prison inmates Marvin Banks and Dale Arnold settled a federal civil rights lawsuit this week with the state department of corrections which cleared a path for a sweat lodge to be built on the prison's grounds. The sacred location...

Governor Cuomo has removed 5 states from NY's COVID-19 travel advisory

08.26.20 | Bob Price

If you visit Alaska, Arizona, Delaware, Maryland, or Montana you no longer have to quarantine for two weeks upon your return to the Empire State. Meanwhile, New York state has had a positive test rate below one percent for 18 straight days.  

Keystone State sees increase in overdoses and relapses during pandemic

08.26.20 | Terry Diener

  While Pennsylvania Secretary of Drug and Alcohol Programs Jennifer Smith did not cite specific overdose figures during comments to a House Human Services Committee meeting, she said calls to a state help line have increased to 380 a...

NY's AG is suing Pres. Trump and Postmaster General Louis DeJoy

08.26.20 | Brandon Dickson

Leticia James accuses them of trying to disrupt mail-in voting in the November election. More than 50 mail sorting machines have been removed from processing facilities across the Empire State to save the USPS some cash. James calls the...