List by Month: 8-2017

Another teachers' strike is brewing in Pennsylvania

08.29.17 | Terry Diener

The Scranton School District, scene of an 11-day strike two years ago, could be dealing with another work stoppage soon. Scranton Federation of Teachers President Rosemary Boland said members are "very, very disappointed" with the treatment...

A NY state Supreme Court judge has ruled against a natural gas compressor station in Broome County

08.29.17 | Bob Price

The judge says the town of Fenton failed to adequately study environmental and traffic issues when it approved the project near the Interstate 81 and 88 interchange in Broome County.

The NY state fair broke its 'all-time' single day attendance record on Sunday

08.28.17 | Bill Price

Over 123,000 people made their way to the fairgrounds in Syracuse.  That broke a record set three years ago. After five days, the fair is on track to shatter one million visitors by Labor Day.

PA officials say start-up costs to comply with fed I-D requirements should not exceed $30 million

08.28.17 | Bill Price

That's less than a third of what PennDot said it would cost five years ago. The Keystone State will start issuing those "beefed-up" identification cards in the spring of 2019. New York will start handing them out this fall.

A ten year-old child was seriously hurt last night in Pembroke, NY

08.28.17 | Bill Price

The youngster was hit by a car last night on route 77. Gordon Dibble, with the Genesee County Sheriff's Office, says "it's a busy piece of highway." Dibble says the child was with a bus tour staying at a local hotel in Pembroke when he ran...

Baseball took a back-seat to Harvey yesterday at the Little League World Series

08.28.17 | Bill Price

The Little League Lufkin, TX team lost to Japan in the finals. But the Texas community, just north of Houston, had bigger concerns than baseball. Jennifer Deaton was in Williamsport for yesterday's finale. She says her family back home in...

Chautauqua County, NY is suing the pharmacuetical industry over opiods

08.25.17 | Bob Price

Local leaders say drug-makers are downplaying the risks associated with painkiller addiction. Drug addiction specialist Kia Briggs hopes treatment funds can be generated from the suit. The opiod epidemic claimed 21 lives in Chautauqua County...

A congressman from NY calls for harsher penalties for drug dealers

08.25.17 | Bob Price, Traci Lynn Woolsey

Republican Congressman Tom Reed says drug dealers deserve the death penalty when their "product" kills. Speaking Thursday in Bath, NY, Reed noted the opioid epidemic has devastated families in the Southern Tier. Congressman Reed says he'll...

A campaign is underway in PA to raise awareness about skimmers

08.25.17 | Bob Price

Banking Secretary Robin Robin Wiessmann says the devices "allow criminals to steal your card data by reading information that is on the card when it is swiped or inserted." The skimming machines are often attached to gas pumps and ATMs. State...

A new ranking lists PA worst in the U.S. for community colleges

08.25.17 | Bob Price

The survey by WalletHub looked at things like college affordability and career outcomes. Pennsylvania has 113 community colleges that serve the education needs of nearly 200,000 students.