List by Month: 8-2017

An entire PA town has been evacuated following a massive train derailment

08.03.17 | Bob Price

There's no word on how long the residents of the town of Hyndman will be out of their homes.  It's a town of about a thousand people southeast of Pittsburgh. The CSX train was hauling hazardous materials when it jumped the tracks.  At...

An embattled Rochester city court judge is finding herself on the wrong side of the law again

08.03.17 | Bob Price

Rogue jurist Leticia Astacio is accused of violating her probation not once, but three times since being released from jail last month for drunk driving. Rochester residents say they're outraged by the judge's actions. Astacio is due in court...

A PA politician is proposing a new law to require cell phone talks while driving be 'hands-free'

08.03.17 | Bob Price

Representative Rosemary Brown says fines and penalties are the only way to deter distracted driving. House Bill 1684 would prohibit anyone 18 and older from talking on the phone while driving, unless they use hands-free accessories. Drivers...

Pennsylvania's AG was joined by Gov. Wolf to announce a lawsuit aimed at smog

08.02.17 | Sarah Harnisch

Governor Wolf says protecting the environment is a "no-brainer." Pennsylvania joins 14 other states in challenging the EPA's decision to delay implementing a rule to reduce levels of "ground-level" ozone and smog.

How would you like to become a professional grocery shopper?

08.02.17 | Sarah Harnisch

Tuesday marked the first day Wegmans in upstate New York offered at-home grocery delivery, and it was a raving success. 200 professional shoppers have been hired in Buffalo by Wegmans' partner company Instacart.  Requirement number 1: love...

NY's governor has ordred a probe into why the water went black this week at Niagara Falls

08.02.17 | Sarah Harnisch

Governor Andrew Cuomo said he doesn't believe a city agency's claims surrounding wastewater discharges that turned the water near the base of the falls black at the height of a busy tourist weekend. A day after redirecting state regulators to...

A gas leak in Wilkes-Barre so powerful it could have wiped out a city block

08.02.17 | Sarah Harnisch

A major disaster averted in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania Tuesday after a main gas line leaked and led to the evacuation of a whole street of houses. The gas company UGI says something as small as ringing a doorbell could have set off a massive...

A PA lawmaker has reintroduced a bill to keep legislators at work until future budgets are finalized

08.01.17 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Democratic Representative Kevin Boyle says his measure would require the legislature to stay in session until the budget is adopted by both bodies of congress and signed into law by the governor. Boyle claims lawmakers owe constituents the...

Rome, NY officials have started to demolish a vacated neighborhood

08.01.17 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

So far, crews have dismantled three homes in the the former Woodhaven Park community. More than 130 homes were abandoned after Griffiss Air Force Base closed in 1995. The 100-acre property is back in the city's hands. The Rome City Council has...

Preparation is fully underway in Williamsport for the Little League Classic later this month

08.01.17 | Sarah Harnisch

Crosscutters logos are set to be traded in for MLB signs. Two new clubhouses are being built. It's all in preparation for the Little League Classic between the Saint Louis Cardinals and Pittsburgh Pirates. Families get to watch for free. The...