List by Month: 7-2017

Companies across NY are vowing to consider hiring people with criminal convictions

07.20.17 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Governor Cuomo has launched the "Workforce Success Pledge."  The program lets companies showcase practices of hiring qualified former convicts. Cuomo says providing training and jobs to folks with criminal histories could prevent repeat...

The PA Supreme Court has ruled on mandatory reporting laws for convicted child abusers

07.20.17 | Terry Diener

On Wednesday, the high court said a man convicted in Cumberland County of indecent assault of a 12-year-old girl won’t have to register for life. The defendant was convicted in 2007 but wasn’t sentenced until 2014. That’s two...

Cop cars are changing color in Pennsylvania

07.20.17 | Bob Price

The state police are phasing-in a new fleet of vehicles featuring gray instead of white cop cruisers. State Trooper Mark Keyes says from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia and everywhere in between, police sedans and SUVs are making the switch from...

A hiring boom is about to happen in the city of Buffalo

07.20.17 | Bob Price

Japanese electronics giant, Panasonic, needs 300 to work at a new plant in the Queen City. Panasonic will host a job fair July 26th at the Buffalo Employment and Training Center. The company is looking to fill posts in manufacturing...

An 87-year-old Tioga County, PA man is dead following a freak accident

07.20.17 | Bob Price

George Ackley drowned after his motorized scooter rolled down an embankment at his home in Westfield. Ackley became trapped in a ditch that was flooded from recent storms.

Enrollment at New York's 64 SUNY schools is up 6% on average from last year

07.20.17 | Bob Price

Officials credit the Excelsior Scholarship program which offers free college to most students. Some private schools, however, are seeing a noticeable dip in enrollment Bill Cheetham, the admissions chief at Le Moyne College in Syracuse, says...

Health officials have confirmed a second case of a rare tick-borne virus in NY

07.19.17 | Bob Price

This is the same virus that killed a 74-year-old Albany area man earlier this year. The Powassan virus was last detected 20 years ago. It's spread mostly by deer ticks.

Hundreds of veterans will be making their way to Syracuse tomorrow

07.19.17 | Bob Price

Every year, vets from all over New York gather to talk about ways to improve the lives of those who've served. Members in New York logged in over 600,060 volunteer hours in 2016. This year marks the 99th American Legion Convention, which runs...

Last year hackers made more than 90 billion cyber intrusions against the commonwealth of PA

07.19.17 | Terry Diener

A spokesperson for the Department of State, said that such disclosure could potentially provide useful information to hackers and draw attention to the application, resulting in even more intrusion attempts. The 90 billion figure applies to all...

Efforts to end PA's 18-day stalemate over how to pay for spending plan has hit another wall

07.19.17 | Bob Price

House Republicans have abruptly retreated from talks over raising taxes to help stitch together the "bare-bones" spending package. The GOP says Pennsylvanians are already taxed too much.  They're exploring other revenue sources, including...