List by Month: 7-2009

Lawmakers Continue To Work On Passing State Budget

07.07.09 | FL News Team

Pennsylvania's budget is now a week late

A SALSA Tradition

07.06.09 | Debbie Fero

Some traditions are to be savored!

Republican Heavyweights Weigh In On Palin's Decision To Resign

07.06.09 | FL News Team

Republican heavyweights are weighing in on Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's recent decision to resign

Women Become Bargain Shoppers For Medical Procedures, Potions

07.06.09 | FL News Team

Women have gone bargain hunting for health care.

Obama In Moscow To Discuss Nuclear Weapons Pact

07.06.09 | FL News Team

President Obama is in Moscow to talk with Russian leaders

State Senators Hold Another Do-Nothing Session

07.06.09 | FL News Team

The month-long State Senate power struggle is no closer to being resolved...

North Korea Conducts Series of Missile Tests

07.02.09 | FL News Team

The North has also threatened to expand its nuclear arsenal.

Natural Gas Drilling Regulations Approved by PA House Committee

07.02.09 | Terry Diener

These bills still face lengthy debate.

New Additions to the Zoo in Syracuse

07.02.09 | Bob Price

Click to see a video of one of the two new baby red pandas.

Corning Mayor Tom Reed Running For Congress

07.02.09 | Bob Price

Bob Price speaks to the mayor in this FLN News Exclusive.