List by Month: 6-2016

A Pennsylvania law designed to make it easier for the NRA to challenge local firearm bans has received a fatal blow

06.21.16 | Bob Price

The State Supreme Court ruled unanimously Monday to void the 2014 law.   Gun rights groups call it a significant infringement on the Second Amendment.

Joblessness is up in Pennsylvania for the 4th straight month in a row

06.21.16 | Bob Price

The May unemployment number was 5 1/2%. Employers cut more than ten thousand jobs last month in Pennsylvania.

The bald eagle is back in the Empire State

06.21.16 | Bob Price

Our national symbol is on the rebound big-time in New York.Wild-life expert Mike Scheibel says the bald eagle was nearly extinct in 1965.  He credits the resurgence of the majestic bird to local conservation efforts. Today in New York there...

The U.S. Supreme Court has just upheld the constitutionality of New York's controversial SAFE Act

06.21.16 | Bob Price

On Monday, the justices rejected a challenge to the assault weapons ban.

New York is spending $43 million to improve technology at 36 school districts across the state

06.21.16 | Bob Price

It's all part of a $2 billion dollar "Smart Schools" bond act that was approved by voters in 2014. State education leaders green-lighted the spending spree at a meeting Monday in Albany.

12 Amish girls have been rescued from a home in Bucks county, Pennsylvania

06.20.16 | Bob Price, Traci Lynn Woolsey

They range in age from 6-months to 18 years.             A 51 year-old Feasterville man faces a slew of federal charges.   An Amish couple has also been implicated in the bizarre...

Tioga, Bradford, and Potter counties in Pennsylvania's Northern Tier will share $15 million in impact fees from natural gas drilling this year

06.20.16 | Bob Price

Representative Matt Baker says the money will provide tax relief and infrastructure improvements throughout the Northern Tier.

New York lawmakers are back home after ending their six-month legislative session last weekend in Albany

06.20.16 | Bob Price

They've agreed to tough new drug reform measures, more disclosure when it comes to campaign financing and schools will now be required to do routine testing for lead in their drinking water.

Activists say it is possible to reduce crime and the prison population at the same time, but 27 states including New York have done it

06.20.16 | Bob Price

James Cullen at the Brennan Center for Justice says since 2006, New York's prison population declined by 18% while it's crime rate fell by 17%. He said the pattern shows "a pathway for solving mass incarceration."

Seneca Depot acreage sold; plan includes park for white deer

06.17.16 | Bob Price

A rare herd of white deer will be protected as part of development plans for the former Seneca Army Depot in central New York. Local businessman Earl Martin was picked from among 16 bids to buy the land. The Seneca County Industrial Development...