List by Month: 6-2014

Still No Deal in NY Marijuana Legislation

06.18.14 | Sarah Harnisch

 The fight is over whether or not to smoke the drug. Cuomo says no, lawmakers say it's ok if you're over 21. But the governor will veto any bill with that language. Talks continued late into the night last night-- but as of midnight, no deal. ...

PA Lawmakers Rush to Finalize Budget

06.17.14 | Terry Diener

   Pennsylvania's state Senate majority leader says he's telling rank-and-file Republican senators to prepare to work in the Capitol into July on a $29.4 billion budget plan whose deficit seems to grow by the day. Senate Majority Leader ...

Affordable Care Act Could Deter PA Substitute Teachers

06.17.14 | Bill Price

 School districts in the Common Wealth will soon restrict substitute teachers from working more than 30-hours a week, despite sub shortages that left area classrooms uncovered this year. Starting in January, under the  Affordable Care ...

Common Core Rally in Albany

06.17.14 | Bill Price

  The State legislature and Governor Cuomo agreed in March to essentially hit the pause button on using Common Core standards to judge students. Advocates in support of dropping Common Core will Rally in the well of the Legislative State ...

NY Ban on Sexual Orientation Therapy

06.17.14 | Sarah Harnisch

    New York's democratic-led assembly has passed a ban against health professionals trying to change a child's sexual orientation through therapy. It would prohibit licensed psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, mental ...

PA Lawmaker Pushes for State Immigration Office

06.16.14 | Sarah Harnisch

A Pennsylvania lawmaker is trying to create an Office of New Americans in the state.  Senator Jim Ferlo sent out letters last week seeking support of the bill, which would focus on attracting and integrating immigrants to Pennsylvania.  ...

PA Lawmakers Negotiate Liquor Sales

06.16.14 | Sarah Harnisch

  With 2 weeks before Pennsylvania state lawmakers call it quits until September, Senate leaders behind closed doors are negotiating the sale of beer and wine in grocery stores.  The House bill would phase out 600 state liquor stores and ...

Empire State Divided on Gun Control

06.16.14 | Bob Price

 Polls show a majority of New Yorkers support the Safe Act but it's intensely disliked upstate where hunting and the gun culture are strong. Anti-safe signs are a common site on rural lawns. Analysts doubt that angering traditional republican ...

NY Cracks Down on Teacher Certification

06.16.14 | Bob Price

Teacher certification requirements went un-enforced in more than 4-thousand New York classrooms last year. The State Education Department says hiring an un-qualified teacher is a misdemeanor crime for a school board. But the state does virtually ...

Signal change in Binghamton

06.15.14 | Darcie Schwarz

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