List by Month: 5-2019

A new twist in the Woodstock 50 saga

05.03.19 | Brandon Dickson

Festival Organizer Michael Lang says he believes the festival's computers have been hacked--possibly by a media outlet. This comes following a hard week for the concert, after an investor backed out of the event Monday and a production company...

Folks all over the listenig area are taking part in Nat'l Day of Prayer

05.02.19 | Bob Price, Traci Lynn Woolsey, Jeremy Miller, Brandon Dickson

Kathy Daniels, who is helping put on a prayer event in Erie, says her life has been changed as a result of intercession. She tells Family Life News spending time with God is essential to having a relationship with Him. Meanwhile, Syracuse, New...

Suicides are on the rise nationwide-- including Pennsylvania

05.02.19 | Brandon Dickson

There are more than 2,000 suicides every year in the Keystone State. Suicide prevention advocate Francesca Pileggi insists there are many resources for those struggling. Govan Martin, part of this year's suicide prevention conference in...

Former 1st lady Laura Bush vists Syracuse

05.02.19 | Brandon Dickson

Laura Bush made two appearances in Syracuse Wednesday. She was the keynote speaker at the Boy Scouts of America Boypower Dinner at the Onondaga County War Memorial. The 43rd first lady also spoke at the Whitman School of Business at Syracuse...

NY could become the first state in America to ban the declawing of cats

05.02.19 | Brandon Dickson

Oddly enough, many animal rights groups have concerns with this effort. Gina Lattuca with the SPCA of Erie County, says "feline euthanasia may increase" is declawing is banned. Assembly Democrats argue the declawing of cats amounts to animal abuse.

Religious freedom upheld at a school in Pennsylvania

05.01.19 | Bob Price

A Bible distribution case has been resolved at Mechanicsburg High School in central Pennsylvania. A judge has ruled in favor of a Bible club there that was offering Bibles to classmates during non instructional hours. The Mechanicsburg School...

Kids skipping water may consume twice the calories from sugary drinks

05.01.19 | Terry Diener

Penn State researchers say the results underscore the importance of children having free access to clean water After analyzing data, scientists found that on a given day, about 20% of children reported drinking no water. At the same time, the...

New York state Republicans have proposed a victims' justice agenda

05.01.19 | Bob Price

The state Senate's Republican minority has introduced a package of bills that it says will counter changes made to New York's criminal justice system. GOP leader John Flanagan says Democrats who control the Democrat and Assembly have swung way...

Rainy forecast raises flooding concerns around Lake Ontario

05.01.19 | Bob Price, Dee Haley

National Guard troops and sandbags are being dispatched to shoreline communities in Wayne, Monroe and Niagara counties. Emergency Services Director for Niagara County Jonathon Schultz says, "we're seeing the rise on a daily basis." The Army...