List by Month: 5-2017

NY Senate Democrats are proposing tighter gun control laws

05.10.17 | Bob Price

They wanna keep firearms out of the hands of children and anyone convicted of a hate crime or domestic violence. New York already has the toughest gun control statute in the nation. The Safe Act was passed shortly after the Sandy Hook School...

Should teachers be allowed to carry guns in the classroom?

05.10.17 | Terry Diener

Those opposed to that idea rallied yesterday in Harrisburg. House Bill 224 would amend the Public School Code to provide civil immunity. Bus drivers and crossing guards would have to complete a training program developed by the state Health...

PA Gov. Tom Wolf is making a pitch for early child-hood education ahead of the June 30th deadline

05.09.17 | Bob Price

The governor wants to invest $75 million into early childhood education as part of the more than $32 billion budget proposal. Pennsylvania faces a $3 billion dollar budget shortfall.  

NY students have less than a month to apply for the first-in-the-nation, tuition-free college program

05.09.17 | Bob Price

State Labor Commissioner Roberta Reardon spoke about the Excelsior Scholarship Program at Corning Community College last night.She's says they have to carry 30 credits in a year and maintain their GPA.  The state will cover tuition after TAP...

More Penn State frat brothers will be arraigned today

05.09.17 | Bob Price

The Centre County D.A. says they're guilty of involuntary manslaughter for the death of Timothy Piazza, .a sophomore engineering student at Penn State. 18 fraternity members have been implicated in the February hazing death of a 19 year-old...

NY lawmakers want to roll out ride-hailing service in time for the July 4th holiday

05.09.17 | Bob Price

The Department of Motor Vehicles technically has to wait until July 8th to give those ride-hailing services the go-ahead, but several politicians are proposing legislation to speed up the process.Ride-hailing service got the green-light as part...

PA politicians huddle in Harrisburg today as they begin final budget negotiations

05.08.17 | Bob Price

The $32.2 billion spending plan is due June 30th. It relies heavily on prison reform, government consolidation and gambling expansion to offset a $3 billion deficit.

A Buffalo, NY police officer was shot in the head last night during a traffic stop

05.08.17 | Bob Price

The suspect is dead after being shot by a second officer.        The cop who was shot is expected to survive.  The bullet lodged behind his ear.

Demographers in PA have noticed a troubling trend that could create future fiscal challenges

05.08.17 | Terry Diener

Already one of the nation's oldest states, the growth of Pennsylvania's retirement age population is projected to balloon in the coming decade, while its working-age population shrinks. The projections, by the Pennsylvania State Data Center, were...

NY is accepting public comments on new learning standards to replace the Common Core

05.08.17 | Jeremy Miller

The revised standards will be presented to the policy making Board of Regents tomorrow and public comments are being accepted until June 2nd.State education officials released the standards last week, following a two-year process that included...