List by Month: 5-2016

The president of Penn State is disputing allegations about the late football coach Joe Paterno

05.09.16 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Eric Barron sent a letter to the school's community.  He told members "I am appalled by the rumor, innuendo and rush to judgment that have accompanied the media stories surrounding these allegations." Claims were revealed last week by an...

Tomorrow is the 5th annual 'I Love My Park' Day in New York

05.06.16 | Bob Price

The event is aimed at getting New Yorkers to visit parks and pitch in to spruce them up by doing things like planting trees, picking up trash, and restoring trails. More than 100 parks and historic sites are taking part in "I Love My Park" Day...

A Williamsport company shuts its doors after a bank dispute

05.06.16 | Bob Price

NuWeld incorporated, based in Williamsport, says the impact of the plant closure is far-reaching.The company has been around for more than 20 years but can't pay it's employees.  The steel fabrication plant says its' negotiating with the...

How soon did 'Joe-Pa' know?

05.06.16 | Bob Price

A report today says legendary Penn State Football Coach Joe Paterno knew of the child abuse committed by his longtime assistant Jerry Sandusky as early as 1976.   The report cites a court order in an insurance case that claims a child told...

Six people are dead after a house fire early this morning in Syracuse

05.06.16 | Bob Price

The flames broke out around 4 a.m. at a home on Martin Street on the city's northside. Eight people lived at that home.  Seven were there at the time: only one made it out alive.  Four of the victims were found upstairs, two...

Governor Wolf says more people in his state die each year from opiod overdoses than traffic accidents

05.05.16 | Bob Price

2,500 Pennsylvanians died last year from drug overdoses. And the numbers nationwide are just as shocking. Wolf said nearly as many Americans died from drug overdoses last year as were killed in the twelve most intense years of the Vietnam...

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf and the Republican-controlled General Assembly have agreed that campaign finance reform is a must

05.05.16 | Bob Price

The commonwealth is one of just a dozen states that has no limit on what people can give to political campaigns. Both Republicans and Democrats agree the lax laws need to be reigned in.  How to do that is the big question in Harrisburg.

The New York Court of Appeals has ruled that physician-assisted suicide is unconstitutional

05.05.16 | Bob Price

There's an effort afoot in Albany to lift the ban and allow for co-called "right to die" legislation. The state's highest court says nothing in the constitution creates a fundamental right for doctor-assisted suicide.

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown is taking a tiered approach to solving the city's lead paint problem

05.05.16 | Bob Price

High levels of lead has sicked a thousand children there.  Most of it comes in the form of paint in old homes. The mayor says there are several things the city can do to reduce the amount of lead exposure.  Brown claims "the plan...

Pennsylvania Representative Kathy Rapp is fighting to stop a new DEP provision that would implement uniform standards on independent oil and gas producers throughout the commonwealth

05.04.16 | Bob Price

Rapp says a "one-size-fits-all" drilling regulations are a death sentence to the energy industry.  She claims independent drillers have been safely operating in Pennsylvania for more than 150 years.