List by Month: 5-2014

Erie County Clerk Wants Lowes To Recognize All Veterans

05.09.14 | FL News Team

NY Lawmakers Push for Bill to Expand Access to Heroin Antidote

05.09.14 | FL News Team

 State legislators are urging Gov. Andrew Cuomo to sign a bill into law that would expand access to a powerful antidote to heroin and opiate overdose.The bill aims to increase access to Naloxone kits, also known as Narcan, the antidote to ...

Erie County Clerk Wants Lowe's to Recognize All Veterans

05.09.14 | FL News Team

Eric County, New York Clerk Chris Jacobs has  started a petition to get a hom improvement chain to honor the county's thank a vet program.Lowe's recently strated enforcing a corporate policy offering an everyday 10 percent discount only to ...

Towns in PA React to Supreme Court Prayer Ruling

05.09.14 | FL News Team

Mixed feelings in many communities around the area after the U.S. Supreme Court ruling this week. The court said it’s ok to start a town meeting with a prayer. One council member in Schuylkill County says his community has started meetings ...

PA Governor Tom Corbett Defends Voter ID Law

05.09.14 | FL News Team

 Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett says he won't appeal a state court ruling that struck down Pennsylvania's voter identification law.Corbett released a statement thursday defending the law but saying it needed changes and he hoped to work ...

PA Bill Would Hike Penalty for Fleeing Fatal Crash

05.08.14 | FL News Team

A Pennsylvania lawmaker says she plans to introduce legislation that would increase the penalty for fleeing the scene of a fatal traffic accident.Rep. Tarah Toohil (R-Luzerne) said under current law, a drunk driver who kills someone faces a prison ...

PA Lawmakers Seek to Make "In God We Trust" Optional in Schools

05.08.14 | FL News Team

State lawmakers in Harrisburg are amending a bill about posting "In God We Trust" in Pennsylvania School Buildings. They want to make it optional, but they're rejecting a proposal to have the state cover legal costs if lawsuits result. The house of ...

Sikorski and Lockheed Martin to Build Presidential Helicopters

05.08.14 | Sarah Harnisch

        Lockheed Martin in Owego and Sikorski Aircraft have won a 1.2 billion dollar contract to build a new fleet of presidential helicopters. Sikorski is building the choppers and Lockheed will be installing ...

NY Lt. Governor Robert Duffy Will Not Seek Re-Election

05.08.14 | FL News Team

Reports say Lieutenant Governor Bob Duffy won't seek a second term as the governor's right-hand man.The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle reports the former Rochester mayor will not be on the Democratic ticket this fall.This leaves an opening for ...

Pennsylvania Senate Pushes for Drug Monitoring Program

05.07.14 | Sarah Harnisch

The Pennsylvania Senate has passed a plan to create a prescription drug monitoring system. It puts the state one step closer to a law banning prescription painkilling drugs that are most likely to be abused. The bill would create a record of who's ...