List by Month: 5-2013

Women Primary Breadwinners

05.29.13 | Abby Lutcher

A record number of American women are now the sole primary breadwinners in their families.

Endicott May Lose Police Force

05.29.13 | Abby Lutcher

A potential merger of two law enforcement agencies could eliminate the Endicott Police Department.

Super Summer

05.28.13 | Darcie Schwarz

Mobilizing teen leaders for the Gospel this July 1-5

Church Attendance Down

05.28.13 | Abby Lutcher

Sunday is a day of worship for Catholics and Protestants. But these Sundays, not as many people are heading to church compared to 50 years ago. As a result, the condition of their houses are worship are suffering.

Motorcycle Death Rate Increase

05.28.13 | Abby Lutcher

Since Pennsylvania lawmakers decided a decade ago to give motorcyclists the choice of whether to wear helmets or not, the number of deaths in motorcycle crashes has increased.

Tip Jars at Starbucks ?

05.28.13 | Abby Lutcher

New York's top court will give its two cents into the brewing controversy over Starbucks baristas' tip jars: whether shift supervisors and assistant managers are legally entitled to dip into them.

Hydrilla Invades Finger Lakes

05.28.13 | Bob Price

An invasive plant called Hydrilla is taking over New York's lakes - causing one of the biggest environmental problems in the region.

Historic Gettysburg Barn Opens to the Public

05.28.13 | Bob Price

Farm that was the scene of fierce fighting during the Battle of Gettysburg reopens to visitors

Red Cross Under the Gun

05.28.13 | Bob Price

The federal relief agency has yet to disburse much of the funds meant for Sandy victims

Phone Scam in NY

05.28.13 | Bob Price

The New York Attorney General's office is warning of a phone scam targeting seniors in NY