List by Month: 4-2017

Sentencing will happen in early June for three former Penn State officials

04.28.17 | Bob Price

Former president Graham Spanier, former vice president Gary Schultz and former athletic director Tim Curley will be sentenced June 2nd in Harrisburg.  It all stems from failing to notify child-welfare authorities of a 2001 complaint about...

There are yet more signs that NY's governor is interested in running for president

04.28.17 | Bob Price

Andrew Cuomo just hired the campaign manager of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and that has a lot of folks talking. Is Cuomo running for president in 2020? Republican Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin says, "any move Andrew Cuomo makes from...

The illegal drug trade has been dealt a serious blow in central NY as a violent street gang is put out of business

04.28.17 | Bob Price, Traci Lynn Woolsey

Officials have charged 52 people as part of a large heroin and cocaine trafficking operation that sold drugs in Central and Northern New York. New york Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says the group has "terrorized the south side of Syracuse...

President Trump becomes the first U.S. president since Ronald Reagan to speak to the NRA today

04.28.17 | Bob Price

He'll address a gathering of 70,000 in Atlanta who feel passionately about the right to bare arms.NRA Spokeswoman Jennifer Baker says President Trump has been a strong advocate of 2nd Amendment rights.Tomorrow night, the president marks his 100th...

A jury has decided cop-killer Erik Frein deserves to die for the 2014 sniper attack in the Poconos

04.27.17 | Bob Price

Pike County District Attorney Ray Tonkin says jurors "have delivered the penalty that is so richly deserved by Eric Frein."Defense Attorney William Ruzzo claims he's surprised by the jury's decision.       ...

The state Senate is doing something about limited healthcare in rural parts of PA

04.27.17 | Terry Diener

Lawmakers have passed a bill that lets nurse practitioners provide health care independent of a doctor. By a vote of 39-10, the chamber embraced a measure that would allow nurses to practice on their own after fulfilling a three-year, 3,600-hour...

A new study suggests Binghamton, NY is one of the safest in America for children

04.27.17 | Bob Price

The financial firm ValuePenguin ranked the 200 safest cities and Binghamton came in 20th. Barnstable, Massachusetts on Cape Cod was given the top spot on the list.

A new 'superbug' fungus is spreading in New York hospitals

04.27.17 | Bob Price

44 cases have been reported across the state. 17 People with the fungus have died. The CDC is alerting hospitals nationwide about this fungus, which is resistant to anti-fungal drugs. It is believed to have originated in Japan.

SUNY names its new leader

04.25.17 | Bob Price

Kristina Johnson, an engineer and a former under secretary in the U.S. Energy Department, was appointed Monday afternoon by the SUNY Board of Trustees.   "I'm very excited and grateful to be here and the opportunity to serve a system in a...

Father of convicted trooper killer Eric Frein says he failed his son

04.25.17 | Bob Price

The father of a survivalist who ambushed two state police troopers, killing one of them, said Monday that he failed his son by lying about his military exploits and by not pushing him harder to grow up. Eugene "Michael" Frein, 67, testified...