List by Month: 4-2016

The Crawford County Pennsylvania jail warden and his wife are accused of stealing

04.01.16 |

Timothy Lewis and his wife, Debra, were arraigned yesterday in Titusville on theft charges for taking more than $130 thousand from a Moose lodge in East Fairfield to cover gambling losses. They were officers of the Moose lodge when they...

New York lawmakers are debating a staggered $15-an-hour minimum wage

04.01.16 |

The minimum wage decision is the only thing lacking from a $156 billion budget deal that could be signed, sealed and delivered to Governor Cuomo's desk as soon as this afternoon. Business leaders fear a wage hike will kill jobs.The budget also...

New York State Park smoking restrictions upheld

04.01.16 |

The Court of Appeals upheld smoking restrictions in state parks, including a ban at seven smaller parks in New York City. Arguments from a smokers' rights group insisted that smoking limits should be left to the Legislature. The parks office...