List by Month: 3-2018

NY school fires teacher following accusations

03.30.18 | Brandon Dickson

The temporary teacher has been accused of inappropriate relationships with two students. The school district has not provided details about the alleged incidents.  

Want free SUNY tuition?

03.30.18 | Brandon Dickson

Applications for next fall's scholarship are being accepted now in New York. The Excelsior Scholarship covers tuition for students at state schools. New students need to apply by July 23rd. Current recipients do not have to reapply. Last...

Judge says PA's Lt. Gov. Stack can keep his name on the ballot

03.30.18 | Brandon Dickson

The judge rejected a claim that he falsely listed Mike Stack's mother's home as his residence on election records, when he actually lives in a state-owned mansion. The judge sided with Democratic Lt. Gov. Mike Stack, saying his actions show his...

A Cornell student is back in court related to the purchase of a gun

03.29.18 | Brandon Dickson

Charlie Tan, previously acquitted in the shooting death of his father in their Rochester-area home, now faces federal gun charges. His latest trial focuses on the alleged straw purchase of the shotgun, used in the February 2015...

One PA community raises funds after the school board turned down an NRA grant

03.29.18 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

This week, Stroudsburg School Board Director Alex Reincke spoke for the bulk of the board members before the 6 to 2 vote, calling a $4,730 grant "dirty money." Students of the school's rifle team requested the funds from the National Rifle...

New legislation in NY gives not-for-profits access to the FBI sex offender registry

03.29.18 | Bob Price

Under previous law, organizations like summer camps or Little Leagues only had access to the New York state criminal database. Now, they can screen volunteers through the FBI database. An estimated 15 million adults around the country...

Drug withdrawal problems in PA newborns climbs over 1,000% since 2000

03.29.18 | Bob Price

Babies diagnosed with neo-natal abstinence syndrome tend to be born premature, have a low birth weight and suffer from respiratory problems. Doctors say this condition is most common in babies exposed to addictive drugs, like opioids, in the...

PA ranks 2nd in the nation for organic product sales

03.28.18 | Terry Diener

Agriculture officials say statewide sales increased by about 10 times over the last decade. The findings by the U.S. Department of Agriculture may sound at odds with long-held perceptions of Pennsylvania as home of cheesesteaks, hoagies, and...

Feds raid upstate NY home linked to secretive group

03.28.18 | Brandon Dickson

The raid of the Albany-area residence of NXIVM President Nancy Salzman and the search of a second location, came after the group's longtime leader, Keith Raniere, appeared in court in Texas on Tuesday. The group, accused of coercing female...

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court makes an unprecentended ruling

03.28.18 | Sarah Harnisch

In a first, Pennsylvania's Supreme Court has approved $3 million in damages for emotional suffering for a turnpike whistle blower. Ralph Bailets testified it was humiliating to be escorted out of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission’s...