List by Month: 3-2016

Pennsylvania's Auditor General is urging the General Assembly to pass medical marijuana legislation

03.10.16 |

          Eugene Depasquale says drug reforms are needed to cut down on prison costs. He claims the imprisonment of nonviolent marijuana offenders costs the Commonwealth $2.5 million a...

Five are dead after a shooting spree in a Pittsburgh-area neighborhood

03.10.16 |

Two gunmen ambushed a backyard party in Wilkensburg, PA.  The men opened fire on a crowd of people. Allegheny Police said ballistic evidence on the scene leads investigators to believe that two different weapons were fired from two...

Prisoner flees briefly in Wyoming County, New York

03.10.16 |

          33-year-old, Brad Rovito, an inmate at the Wyoming County Correctional Facility was receiving medical treatment at a hospital in Warsaw when he fled from...