List by Month: 2-2020

Pennsylvania lawmakers push bill to ban isolation for select inmates

02.04.20 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

The measure in both houses would do away with solitary confinement for vulnerable populations including pregnant women, LGBTQ prisoners and detainees with mental health issues. The bill would also limit the isolation time to 15 days for all...

NY proposes bill banning retail sales of dogs, cats & rabbits

02.04.20 | Sarah Harnisch

The ban could kick in as soon as mid-2021, and that would mean New York would join Maryland and California, if Democratic Senator Mike Gianari's bill is approved. Supporters say the vast majority of New York pet stores already don't sell cats...

Pennsylvania's student aid agency launches new loan refinancing program

02.04.20 | Terry Diener

Pennsylvania is saddled with the label of its college graduates having the second highest average student loan debt in the nation at $37,900, but the state’s student aid agency is offering a new loan refinancing option to make paying back...

On the brink of a budget in PA

02.03.20 | Terry Diener

  Governor Tom Wolf’s sixth budget proposal to Pennsylvania’s Republican-controlled Legislature will come out Tuesday, and he is expected to seek more money for public schools and emphasize the urgency of addressing student-loan...