List by Month: 2-2012

Le Roy Mystery Illness Becomes National Fascination

02.10.12 | Jeremy Miller

The mystery illness in Le Roy, New York is getting prime time attention. The television show, 'The Doctors' has now featured the puzzling medical condition. 16-year-old Alicia Nicholson, the first Le Roy High School student to show symptoms, ...

Pennsylvania Cardinal's Death Investigated

02.10.12 | Jeremy Miller

The exact cause of Philadelphia Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua's death is under investigation. The 88-year-old Cardinal died on January 31st, just one day after a judge said he might have to testify in the child sex abuse trial of three priests. A ...

Lingerie Model Quits To Honor Husband

02.10.12 | Jeremy Miller

Victoria's Secret "Angel" Felt Convicted by God

California Man Prompts Lawmakers To Read Bills Before They Sign Them

02.09.12 | Sarah Harnisch, Jeremy Miller

Jerrol Labaron's documentary is called "Fools on the Hill." It chronicles his adventures traveling the nation to get lawmakers to read bills cover to cover before they sign them. Labaron has started his own website, as well as a nationwide ...

NY Marcellus Shale Drilling Decision Expected This Spring

02.09.12 | Sarah Harnisch, Jeremy Miller

Governor Cuomo told the press Wednesday that the decision on whether or not to drill the Marcellus Shale is "a couple months away". His remarks were consistant with those made Tuesday by DEC Commissioner Joe Martens, who told a panel of lawmakers ...

Nation's Largest Conservative Group To Hold Straw Poll Saturday

02.09.12 | Sarah Harnisch, Jeremy Miller

Conservative Politial Action Commiteee, CPAC, kicked off their 2012 conference today in Washington D.C. CPAC is America's largest gathering of conservative leaders and candidates. Democratic Political Leader Ed Espinoza says the purpose of the ...

Why Does Legalizing Gay Marriage Matter To The Church?

02.09.12 | Sarah Harnisch, Jeremy Miller

Washington will likely become the seventh state to legalize gay marriage. The legislature voted to legalize same sex marriage yesterday. The House passed it 55 to 43 Wednesday, and their Senate passed it last week. Reverend Joseph Fuiten is ...

Gas Customer's Bills To Rise Statewide In Pennsylvania

02.08.12 | Sarah Harnisch

A bill authorizing a new charge on your gas bill is on its way to Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett's desk.  The bill will allow gas companies to add a charge of up to 5-percent of your bill in order to speed replacement of 12-thousand miles ...

Faith-Based Groups Buy More Time Before Contraception Bill Kicks In

02.08.12 | Sarah Harnisch

Faith-based groups have been given an extra year before they have to offer birth control pills through their health insurance plans, even if it goes against their religious beliefs. The offer, made as a concession by President Obama yesterday, to ...

Seussical Cast List

02.07.12 | Rob Wood

Who's Who in Whoville