List by Month: 2-2012

Rick Santorum says Koran Apology was a Mistake

02.26.12 | Bob Price

Republican White House hopeful Rick Santorum says no apology was necessary for the Koran burning flap that has stoked anti-American fervor in the middle-east

Schumer says Cure to High Gas Prices Lies in Saudi Arabia

02.26.12 | Bob Price

NY's senior Democratic Senator thinks the Saudi's need to pump more oil to drive down the sky-high cost of gasoline

Christians Kick Off 30 Hour Famine Event

02.24.12 | Jeremy Miller

Fasting to Benefit Hungry Children

Feds Investigate Penn State

02.24.12 | Jeremy Miller

Information of Officials Connected to Scandal Subpoenaed

National "Pray For Marriage Day"-- Just 2 Days Away

02.24.12 | Sarah Harnisch

Sunday is National Pray for Marriage Day. It's a movement to get couples to pray for God to impact marriage, pray for marriages in your commmunity, the future of marriage, and victory in lawsuits and legislation against traditional marriage. The ...

Buffalo, Williamsport, Erie, Altoona: Hit Hard With Post Office Changes

02.24.12 | Sarah Harnisch

35-thousand postal workers across the country will be loosing their jobs, and hundreds are from New York and Pennsylvania. The U.S.P.S. told Congress last week it will loose 18-billion dollars a year unless it lowers delivery standards for first ...

Virgina backs down on Pro-Life Bill

02.23.12 | Bob Price

The commonwealth's pro-life governor says he will not sign a new ultrasound requirement bill, after all

Doma Ruled Unconstitutional

02.23.12 | Bob Price

A judge says the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional

Does Your Job Make A National List-- For Stealing Your Sleep?

02.23.12 | Sarah Harnisch

Daylight Saving Time is 2 weeks and 3 days away, March 11th. In honor of it, a mattress company has made a list of the most sleep-deprived jobs. In this order, they are home health aides, lawyers, police officers, physicians and paramedics, ...

Geneva College files suit over HealthCare law

02.22.12 | Bob Price

A Christian College in Pennsylvania is suing the federal government over the controversial contraception mandate by the Obama administration.