List by Month: 12-2017

A plan to let students use state money to pay for private school is getting closer to the Senate floor

12.13.17 | Terry Diener

Senate Bill 2 would create education savings accounts, similar to private school vouchers, that would let students in the lowest-performing public schools use the money the state would have spent on their education for alternative school options...

NY's Gov. Cuomo is taking steps to protect consumer privacy following the Equifax data breach

12.13.17 | Family Life News Team

Millions of people had their personal information exposed this fall when hackers broke into the company's system. Credit reporting agencies now need to respond within 10 days to requests from the Division of Consumer Protection. Officials say...

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is teaming up to study the effects of medical pot on kids with autism

12.12.17 | Bob Price

This is the first major effort in these United States to link the controversial therapy with the developmental disorder. More than 200,000 cases of childhood autism are diagnosed every year in America. Pennsylvania's medicinal marijuana program...

A gas driller's ongoing feud with a PA homeowner is back in court

12.12.17 | Bob Price

Cabot Oil & Gas claims Dimock resident Ray Kemble and his lawyers tried to extort the company through a frivolous lawsuit. The federal lawsuit, which was filed in April but withdrawn two months later, accused Cabot of polluting Kemble's...

A chronically-absent Democrat has PA politicians up in arms

12.12.17 | Terry Diener

Monday’s absence by Democratic Representative Kevin Haggerty of Lackawanna County was recorded as unexcused. The House last recorded Haggerty as “present” on July 22nd. House members could vote to hold him in contempt after...

New Era field in Buffalo needs your help again-- if you're handy with a shovel

12.12.17 | Brandon Dickson

The Bills are looking for some snow shovelers ahead of this weekend's Buffalo-Miami home game. Shovelers showed up at the stadium in Orchard Park this morning. The pay rate is $11 an hour with lunch and dinner provided. Those who work a...

An upstate NY lawmaker will announce his candidacy for governor today

12.12.17 | Brandon Dickson

65-year-old Brian Kolb of Canandaigua is the current assembly minority leader The Republican says if elected, he will work to end political corruption. Kolb also vows to lower New York's "cripplingly high" tax rate.

Children of officers who were killed in the line of duty or severely hurt have a reason to smile this Christmas

12.11.17 | Brandon Dickson

The Badge of Honor Association in Rochester gave these children a gift card and took them out to lunch on Sunday. Member Justin Collins says no amount of money can bring a loved one back, but the group lets kids know that others are looking out...

'Tis the season for giving, but it's also the season for taking

12.11.17 | Bob Price

New York state troopers are warning shoppers to beware of thieves. Police recommend shopping with a friend or in a group, making sure all your purchases are kept out of sight in your car, and to avoid carrying large amounts of cash. They also...

A new week starts a second round of lake effect snow

12.11.17 | Brandon Dickson

Residents south and east of the Great Lakes got pummeled Sunday. And, the wintry weather made for some lively action at the Bills' game in Buffalo. They're already calling the game against the Colts "Snow Bowl 2017." Tonight and tomorrow most...