List by Month: 12-2011

Woman Puts gifts in Wrong Car

12.19.11 | Bob Price

Bah, Humbug !! A Michigan woman put $700 worth of gifts in the wrong car !!!

Major Snow Storm Cripples SouthWest

12.19.11 | Bob Price

Snow is falling in the South West....Will we see some in time for Christmas?

Tax Cut deal Still up in Air

12.19.11 | Bob Price

A deal to extend the payroll tax cut is still undecided as lawmakers haggle over the fine print.

Preacher Takes Fight To Atheists

12.16.11 | Jeremy Miller

Vows Evangelism Where Anti-Christian Lawsuits Are Filed Or Threatened

House Saves Religious Freedom Commission

12.16.11 | Jeremy Miller

Last Minute Vote Saves Religious Liberty Watchdog Group

A Record Number of Churches Are Facing Foreclosure

12.16.11 | Sarah Harnisch

The churches tend to have large congregations with vast sums of money. What is going on??

Athiest Chris Hitchens Dies At 62

12.16.11 | Sarah Harnisch

Did he die believing in Christ?

10 Free Song Downloads

12.15.11 | Rob Wood

Download 10 free songs from your favorite artists.

Pink Bibles Pulled

12.15.11 | Jeremy Miller

Link Discovered Between Supporters and Planned Parenthood

Scripture Ministry Remembers Prisoners

12.15.11 | Jeremy Miller

Reaching Inmates For Christ At Christmas