List by Month: 12-2008

Safety Tips for Power Outages

12.12.08 | Bob Price

If you get stuck without power this winter, emergency services would like your attention.

Gifts of the Magi - REVIEW

12.12.08 |

Family Life's Performing Arts dinner theaters hit the road...

Welcome to Adult Ministries

12.12.08 | Debbie Fero

If you're reading this, Family Life's new website has been successfully launched!! Welcome to the Adult Ministries section. Take a few minutes to peruse all that Adult Ministries has to offer. We have done our best for years to provide events and ...

Meeting a Need

12.12.08 | Debbie Fero

Meeting the needs of over 100 million or one.

If You Feed Them, They Will Come!

12.09.08 | Debbie Fero

The Seniors Luncheons at Family Life draw a hungry crowd from both near and far......