List by Month: 12-2008

Winter Storm Quartet

12.17.08 | Sarah Harnisch

Get your shovels ready! One storm down, three more to go!

More PA Residents Without Heat

12.17.08 | Alan Gustafson

More Pennsylvanian homes are having their heat shut off this winter.

PA School Pension Fund Bonuses Ending

12.16.08 | Alan Gustafson

Pennsylvania's public school pension fund lost $1.8 billion this fiscal year. The loss did not stop investment staff members from receiving more than $854,000 in bonuses.

Cigarette Tax on NY Reservations

12.16.08 | Dee Haley

The last time a New York governor signed a bill to tax the sale of cigarettes on Indian property, tire fires were set in protest along Interstate 86. What will happen now?


12.16.08 | Katie Bernier

What is Truth? That question has been haunting peoples since time began.

Same-Sex Couple Rights Expanded in NY

12.16.08 | Sarah Harnisch

Married same-sex couples in New York state can now list both of their names on their children's birth certificates. It is a policy shift never before allowed in the state.

Paterson's Budget Plan

12.15.08 | Alan Gustafson

New York Governor David Paterson goes public this week with his budget blueprint.

Early Voting in Pennsylvania?

12.15.08 | Alan Gustafson

Could early voting be coming to Pennsylvania? Some state lawmakers want to see it happen.

Why Performing Arts?

12.15.08 |

Is there any question that we serve a dramatic God?

Friday's Ice Storm

12.15.08 | Sarah Harnisch

It is being described as one of the worst ice storms in twenty years in in New York, and it has left many residents without power.