List by Month: 12-2008

Overtime for Nurses

12.19.08 | Terry Diener

Governor Rendell has signed legislation that bans most cases of mandatory overtime for nurses.

Student Told Not to Mention Jesus in Christmas Poem

12.19.08 | FL News Team

An eleven year-old was told he could not submit a poem that mentioned Jesus.

Christmas Cheer in Sidney, NY

12.19.08 |

Fifth and sixth graders are doing their part to spread Christmas cheer this holiday season.

Walking In A Winter (storm) Wonderland

12.19.08 | Bob Price

A winter storm warning will remain in effect through Friday night for the entire FLN listening area.

The Inauguration

12.18.08 | FL News Team

One hundred seventy-five New Yorkers and their guests are heading to President-elect Barack Obama's historic inauguration.

Digital TV Transition

12.18.08 | Alan Gustafson

It is coming February 17, 2009. Are you ready?

Healthcare Coverage Could Be Cut for NY Seniors

12.18.08 | Bob Price

Healthcare activists are warning seniors could see cutbacks in prescription drug coverage...

Mail Scare at PA Capitol

12.18.08 | Bob Price

Part of the Pennsylvania Capitol was shut down for an hour yesterday after a suspicious looking envelope arrived in the governor's mail.

Senecas Calling on White House

12.17.08 | Alan Gustafson

The Senecas are maintaining their right to sell cigarettes tax-free.

Caroline Kennedy Seeks NY Senate Seat

12.17.08 | Bob Price

Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of a former president, is interested in Hillary Clinton's senate seat.