List by Month: 12-2008

Hamas Leader Wants Truce

12.29.08 | FL News Team

In exchange, Israel would end air strikes in the Gaza Strip.

Pakistani Troops Moved Toward Indian Border

12.26.08 | Alan Gustafson

Tensions continue to build over the recent terror attacks in Mumbai, India.

Plane Forced to Make Emergency Landing in Eastern PA

12.26.08 | Terry Diener

A U.S. Airways flight landed after people on the plane smelled smoke.

Paterson Wants Speculation to End

12.26.08 | Sarah Harnisch

Who will succeed Hillary Clinton in the Senate? Paterson says it is up to him.

Bush Pulls Pardon

12.26.08 | Sarah Harnisch

President Bush has canceled the pardon of a New York real-estate developer.

SALSA Christmas Celebration

12.24.08 | Debbie Fero

SALSA ushers in Christmas.

Packing Heat on the Beat

12.22.08 | Terry Diener

Humane officers in Pennsylvania soon will start carrying guns.

Bethlehem Booked

12.22.08 | Sarah Harnisch

If Jesus were born today, there still would be no room for Him at the inn.

Careful on the Roads

12.22.08 |

Authorities are warning you to stay safe on the roads this Christmas week.

Churches Becoming Less Segregated

12.22.08 | Bob Price

Fewer congregations are completely one color when it comes to race.