List by Month: 11-2019

Groundbreaking discoveries in the legionnaires' cases throughout Elmira

11.07.19 | Bob Price

The state health department says testing found four people who live in the same neighborhood have been diagnosed with the disease. Health officials say samples collected from a cooling tower at Elmira Heat Treating matched the bacteria from the...

Activists clammor over upcoming transgender event in Elmira, NY

11.06.19 | Bob Price

The Steele Memorial Library is hosting Drag Queen Story Time. Ronald Shaw is director of the Chemung County Library District, which owns the Steele Library.  He says folks against the event need not attend with their children. I asked him...

Election Day brings out a light number of voters

11.06.19 | Bill Price

Voters went to the polls Tuesday to decide their local elections. In Erie County, New York, Democrat Mark Poloncarz won a third-term for county executive. Democrats also won the county executive race in Monroe Mounty. County Clerk Adam Bello...

Will tens of thousands of PA county inmates get to vote?

11.06.19 | Terry Diener

Currently, inmates confined to a county jail can apply for an absentee ballot by mailing an application to their county elections board.  But advocates say the current mail-in process is difficult to navigate for anyone serving a jail...

NY death certificates now must specify which drug causes opioid overdoses

11.06.19 | Brandon Dickson

Governor Cuomo signed the legislation Tuesday that is intended to track opioid deaths in the Empire State. The law takes effect immediately.

Polls are open in PA and NY as voters decide judicial seats and mayoral races

11.05.19 | Bill Price, Brandon Dickson

New systems are in place in the commonwealth. Mark Walters with York County Communications calling on voters to be "patient" as ballot station workers labor long today. Also in the Keystone State, voters will determine whether crime victims...

NY's AG is suing to stop the Trump Admin. from scrapping a rule to make light bulbs more energy efficient

11.05.19 | Brandon Dickson

Attorney General Letitia James called the rollback a "not-so-bright idea" that "would unlawfully delay the adoption of energy efficiency goals, undermine state and local energy policy and increase consumer and environmental costs." White House...

Pennsylvania fines the nation's largest health insurer for denying claims

11.05.19 | Terry Diener

Pennsylvania's Insurance Department is still tallying how many customers of "UnitedHealthcare" must be reimbursed, and how much they are owed as a result of denied or delayed claims. UnitedHealthcare is the largest health insurer in the United...

New York's smoking age goes up to 21 next week

11.05.19 | Brandon Dickson

Southern Tier smoking cessation advocate Samantha White, says the policy aims to rid tobacco-use from schools, but says 15-17 year-olds will be hardest hit. The new law starts November 13th.

The PA Turnpike moves to $129 million cashless toll system

11.04.19 | Terry Diener

Although the system won’t take cash after the fall of 2021, the agency expects to continue using toll booths at some exit ramps across the state until 2026. The project also means the elimination of jobs for 600 remaining toll collectors...