List by Month: 10-2012

WW2 Vet Votes On His Deathbed

10.23.12 | Sarah Harnisch

A photo of World War 2 veteran Frank Tanabe (listed below) has gone viral. It depicts the 93 year old in the final stages of inoperable liver cancer on hospice care signing his absentee ballot for the presidential election. Tanabe's family says he ...

Deer Leaps Over Bed At Hotel Room In Lancaster, PA

10.23.12 | Sarah Harnisch

It was a wakeup call they hadn't bargained for. A Pennsylvania couple was asleep when a deer jumped through their hotel window, and over their bed. They were staying at an Econolodge in Lancaster, P.A. when they awoke a little before midnight to ...

P.A. Lawmakers Wrap Up 2012

10.23.12 |

Pennsylvania's legislative session is done until January. How did it go? Lawmakers think they did well. They passed 371 bills, compared to 226 the previous session; and approved the second consecutive no-tax increase, on-time budget. They passed an ...

FRC Guard Honored In Washington D.C.

10.23.12 | Sarah Harnisch

The security guard who was wounded during a shooting at the Family Research Council in August has been honored with Washington D.C.'s first Medal of Honor.  Mayor Vincent Gray presented Leo Johnson with the medal Monday night. Johnson ...

Gas Prices May Fall As Much As 50 Cents The Next 3 Weeks

10.22.12 | Sarah Harnisch

Autumn gas prices are about to drop faster than fall foliage. With inventories rising and demand waning, the price at the pump could plunge 50 cents a gallon from its' peak average a few weeks ago. Tom Kloza with the Oil Price Information Service ...

Horseheads, NY Woman Makes Top 20 In Panera Sandwich Contest

10.22.12 | Sarah Harnisch

A Chemung county, New York woman is a finalist in a contest hosted by panera bread. Debi Lytle of Horseheads created and submitted her own sandwich recipe, the toasted Ciabotta Chicken sandwhich. Her entry has been selected among the top 20, out of ...

Tebow to Trademark "Tebowing"

10.22.12 | Sarah Harnisch

Dropping to your knee like Tim Tebow might cost you.  The New York Jets backup quarterback is trademarking "Tebowing," a move in which he goes down on one knee and holds a clenched fist against his forehead while praying during games. After ...

Paul Ryan Stomps In PA

10.22.12 | Sarah Harnisch

Paul Ryan made a brief stop in Pennsylvania. It was brief, but noteworthy. The Republican 'number two' spoke to an enthsiastic crowd of 500 at a hangar near the Pittsburgh airport Saturday, mentioning the importance of coal mining and jobs. He also ...

Mobile VIP Club

10.19.12 | Sammy Carrillo

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Gallup Takes First Large-Scale Headcount of The American Gay Population

10.19.12 |

A new survey shows there are more gay adults in America then ever before. Gallup has just finished what they call a headcount the largest study ever done to tally the nation's L.G.B.T. population. They say, based on interviews with 120 thousand ...