List by Month: 10-2011

Florida Pastor Survives Shooting

10.12.11 | Jeremy Miller

Victim Says He Forgives Attacker For Trying To Take His Life

Most Important Pro-Life Vote In 40 Years Coming Up This Week

10.12.11 | Sarah Harnisch

The Protect Life Act will make it illegal for taxpayer cash to be used on abortions, and it could negate parts of President Obama's healthcare bill.

Huntsman Responds To "Cult" Comments

10.11.11 | Jeremy Miller

GOP Presidential Candidate Fires Back Over Religion

First Amendment Battle In Utah?

10.11.11 | Jeremy Miller

Do "Freedom of Speech" and "Separation of Church and State" Collide?

Few Recognize National "Coming Out" Day

10.11.11 | Jeremy Miller

Most Have No Idea Publicly Gay Holiday Exists

Christian Iranian Pastor's Fate In Your Hands, ACLJ Says

10.11.11 | Sarah Harnisch

A petition is circulating to save Youcef Nadarkhani's life. You can sign it.

New Charges for Iranian Pastor

10.10.11 | Jeremy Miller

International Community Demands Unconditional Release

Vote Expected on Jobs Bill

10.10.11 | Jeremy Miller

President's Jobs Plan Could Face Senate Tomorrow

WNY Boy's Suicide Inspires Legislation

10.10.11 | Jeremy Miller

Will Anti-Bullying Laws in Schools Get Tougher?

STAR Rebate Changes

10.10.11 | Jeremy Miller

New York Homeowners To Pay Higher School Taxes