List by Month: 10-2010

Iran Admits Helping Afghanistan With Reconstruction

10.26.10 | FL News Team

A spokesman stated the assistance will continue.

Canadian Terrorist Detainee Pleads Guilty At Guantanamo Tribunal

10.25.10 | FL News Team

Fifth Guantanamo terrorist detainee to be convicted.

Fed Chief Announces Greater Foreclosure Scrutiny

10.25.10 | FL News Team

Move follows some temporary halts to foreclosures.

Karzai Reveals Receiving Bags Of Cash From Iran

10.25.10 | FL News Team

U.S. makes similar payments.

Existing Home Sales Post Stronger Than Expected Gains

10.25.10 | FL News Team

About 35 percent of the homes sold were in foreclosure.

CDC: Teen Driver Fatal Crashes Drop 36-Percent

10.22.10 | FL News Team

New York saw big drop.

American Pleads Guilty To Trying To Spy For China

10.22.10 | FL News Team

U.S.-China relations have been tense.

DeMint Takes Aim At NPR Funding

10.22.10 | FL News Team

Senator is putting together legislation.

More Than 120-Thousand Cooktops Recalled For Fire Hazard

10.22.10 | FL News Team

The problem also poses a burn risk to consumers.

Discomfort About Debt, Savings Equals Less Spending

10.21.10 | FL News Team

Citi says some avoid shopping completely.