List by Month: 1-2018

Buffalo man could face charges for PFA violation linked to deadly fire

01.31.18 | Dee Haley

Joseph Conti, the man who lost his 7-year-old son Anthony in an early morning fire on Monday, is being investigated for violating a protective order. Conti was reportedly banned from contact with his wife and the Benzinger Street home that...

The deadline to recertify your NY state pistol permit is today

01.31.18 | Bob Price

This affects New Yorkers who had their permits issued to them before January 2013. Under the law, if you fail to renew with state police,  your permit could be revoked. You can complete the process by mail, or online.

The DEP seeks help to cap abandoned PA oil and gas wells

01.31.18 | Terry Diener

The Environmental Good Samaritan Act of 1999 protects groups and individuals who volunteer to implement qualifying environmental remediation projects from civil and environmental liability. While the Act historically has been used for mine...

Scammers target NY college system with email

01.31.18 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

SUNY Broome Community College officials are warning its students today of an email scam. Campus Police Chief Joe O'Connor says the scam sender poses as the school system's IT department in an effort to redirect refunds "to a different direct...

PA lawmakers make steps of progress on the congressional district map

01.30.18 | Terry Diener

Senate Republican leaders introduced a bill Monday that could become legislation to replace the 18-district map ruled unconstitutional by the justices last week. Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf plans what he calls a listening tour at three stops in the...

Another man is throwing his hat into the NY gubanitoral race

01.30.18 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

New York Senator John DeFrancisco has filed paperwork with the State Board of Elections in the run against incumbant Andrew Cuomo this fall. DeFrancisco will share details at a formal announcement in Syracuse at 5 tonight. The senator is the...

Lawmaker wants to remove veterinarian exemption for drug monitoring

01.30.18 | Terry Diener

Veterinarians currently don’t have to submit information on the opioid-based painkillers they prescribe. State Representative Ed Gainey says that allows pet owners with opioid addictions to “vet shop” for medications for their...

A jury has found a Cheektowaga man guilty of attacking his ex-girlfriend

01.30.18 | Brandon Dickson

54-Year-old Mark Dublino reportedly entered the Williamsville home of his former girlfriend back in June of 2016, violating a protection order, and attacked her and her friend multiple times in the head with a sledgehammer. He then drove to the...

Cornell student claims she's the target of threats since exposing the school's liberal bias

01.29.18 | Bill Price

Neetu Chandak admits it's difficult being a conservative at college these days, but no body should have to endure what she's endured for speaking up for her values. The 21-year-old Cornell senior says ever since she appeared on Fox News last...

Tougher human trfficking legislation has been introduced in PA

01.29.18 | Terry Diener

Representative Seth Grove says his proposal would increase penalties on people convicted of trafficking someone into sex slavery, and on people who patronize a victim of sexual trafficking. Grove notes his bill also would give prosecutors the...