List by Month: 1-2014

Pennsylvania Senate president targets welfare fraud

01.13.14 | Bob Price

The state Senate president plans to introduce legislation aimed at what he says is an outcry over welfare abuse. Among the proposals: increased penalties for fraud such as making the receipt of fraudulent benefits worth more than $1,000 a ...

NY lawmaker accused of harassment retires

01.13.14 | Bob Price

A Buffalo-area Assemblyman accused of sexually harassing female staffers announced Sunday that he'll retire while continuing to defend himself in court against allegations he calls false.Dennis Gabryszak has been accused by seven former and current ...

Investigation into Remains Found in Bradford County Continues

01.13.14 | Bob Price

Pennsylvania State Police in Towanda say the remains were found in a wooded area just off Bennett Road in Burlington Township, right near the Burlington-Towanda Township line. While State Police continue to investigate, neighbors had mixed feelings ...

Les Miserable Cast List

01.10.14 | Darren Litz

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for the concerts.

Niagara Falls Partially Freezes Over: Images

01.10.14 | Bob Price

The record-breaking cold spell in the U.S. this week actually froze parts of Niagara falls. While it did not totally freeze over, there were some spectacular ice formations on both the American and Canadian sides. Historians say there are only a ...

Penn State panel to vote on coach; reports point to Franklin

01.10.14 | Bob Price

Despite two reports that said he would become the next head football coach at Penn State, Vanderbilt head coach James Franklin gave no public indication Thursday that he would take the job. As Nittany Lions fans waited for Franklin to come aboard ...

NY teachers union blasts Cuomo's State of the State speech

01.10.14 | Bob Price

The President of NY’s largest teachers union has some problems with Governor Cuomo’s education reforms outlined in this week’s state of the state address. Dick Iannuzzi with the NYS United Teachers is calling for a 3-year ...

Proposed PA campus gun policy needs work

01.10.14 | Bob Price

The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education is hearing from supporters and opponents of a proposed policy to allow weapons in limited areas of its 14 campuses, but officials say they need more time to work on the plan. The system's executive ...

Binghamton Zoo mourns loss of Red Panda

01.10.14 | Bob Price

Officials at the Ross Park Zoo in Binghamton are expressing sadness at the sudden death of a rare red panda. The body of 6-year-old Xiao-li has been sent to Cornell University to determine the exact cause of death. The rare panda survived lymphoma ...

Corbett open to FDA medical marijuana legalization

01.09.14 | Bob Price

Sensitive to the characterization that he doesn’t care about sick Pennsylvanians who believe they could benefit from medical marijuana, Gov. Tom Corbett moved to softened his opposition today. Although Corbett, a former state attorney ...