List by Month: 1-2012

Many Young Adults Worry About Finances

01.06.12 | Jeremy Miller

Many Say Financial Anxiety Affects Their Daily Lives

Pennsylvania Infant Injured In Fall

01.06.12 | Jeremy Miller

Witness Says Mother's Boyfriend Responsible

No Horse Slaughtering In PA

01.06.12 | Jeremy Miller

New Federal Legislation May Not Impact Keystone State

33 Miles/Todd Agnew

01.05.12 | Darcie Schwarz

Three concerts to kick off the new year.

Adult Only Pudding

01.05.12 | Bob Price

Kraft and Intel are teaming up to sell an adult line of puddings in the United Kingdom.

Wegmans Freezing Prices

01.05.12 | Bob Price

Rochester-based Wegmans has announced a price freeze on several popular products.

PA High Court Readies for Redistricting Fight

01.05.12 | Bob Price

Pennsylvania's highest court is making plans to hear appeals on the 2012 legislative redistricting plan.

Titanic Items go to Auction

01.05.12 | Bob Price

Several items recovered from the Titanic will be auctioned off in a couple months

Four Birthdays, Four Generations

01.04.12 | Bob Price

January Fourth is a special day for one Ohio Family

President Obama Names New Consumer Watchdog

01.04.12 | Bob Price

Obama names a new czar, fiscal czar