List by Month: 1-2012

Senate Republicans Have 20 Times More Cash Raised Than NY Democrats

01.17.12 | Sarah Harnisch

Senate Republicans in New York have built quite a large campaign war chest, winning the war for money over Democrats. The Senate Republican Campaign Commitee is expected to announce today it has 4.8 million dollars in cash on hand, compared to just ...

Looking For Motivation To Work Out? There's An App For That

01.17.12 | Sarah Harnisch

People looking for extra motivation to exercise may want to consider a new iphone app that puts their money on the line.  The app called "Gympact" charges users a small fee everytime they skip going to the gym.  To sign up, users enter ...

Computergate Trial Starts Tomorrow In Pennsylvania

01.17.12 | Sarah Harnisch

Jury selection begins tomorrow in the public corruption trial of former Pennsylvania House Speaker Bill DeWeese.  Opening statements get underway next week.  The 61-year-old Democrat is charged with illegally using taxpayer-funded ...

Meredith Andrews

01.16.12 | Darcie Schwarz

February dinner concerts in Bath

Are Dolphins Key to Diffusing Iran?

01.16.12 | Bob Price

Dolphins are being trained to keep a vital oil passageway open, in case Iran acts to shut it down

Teebowing could be Dangerous to your Health

01.16.12 | Bob Price

The pose that's sweeping the nation got some high school kids in trouble in South Carolina

Budget Goes Public Tuesday

01.16.12 | Bob Price

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo delivers his budget blueprint to state lawmakers tomorrow.

Inmate admits he lied about Bernie Fine

01.16.12 | Bob Price

A prison inmate who accused a former Syracuse University Basketball coach of abuse now admits he made it up.

Elmira Hospital Sued

01.13.12 | Bob Price

A Chemung county family says an Elmira hospital caused the death of their loved one

Change at the Airport

01.13.12 | Bob Price

There's apparently a lot of extra money being left at the airport when people pass by those federal airport screeners.