List by Month: 1-2010

Haitian Relief Changes Focus From Immediate To Long-Term Needs

01.25.10 | FL News Team

Foreign ministers are trying to figure out longer-term solutions for rebuilding the impoverished nation of Haiti.

Toyota Recalls 2.3 Million Vehicles For Sticking Throttles

01.22.10 | FL News Team

Toyota has announced the recall of about two-point-three-million vehicles...

Airbus To Test Biofuels In Planes

01.22.10 | FL News Team

Airbus is giving a green light to test what may be the "green" fuel in aviation...

World Bank Waives Haiti Debt Payment For Five Years

01.22.10 | FL News Team

Haiti is getting a helping hand from two global monetary sources...

High Court To Rule On Citizens United Versus FEC

01.21.10 | FL News Team

The U.S. Supreme Court will render a decision on campaign finance regulation this morning...

Reducing Salt Intake Could Save Thousands Of Lives

01.21.10 | FL News Team

Researchers say thousands of lives could be saved if Americans reduced the daily amount of salt in their diets..

Donations To Haiti Now Tax Deductible For 2009

01.21.10 | FL News Team

If you make a donation to earthquake-ravaged Haiti, you'll now be able to claim the deduction on your 2009 taxes.

U.S. Says Yemen Group One Of Al-Qaeda Branches

01.21.10 | FL News Team

U.S. officials say while Yemen has made gains in battling al-Qaeda...

Gene Variants Found That Contribute To Diabetes

01.20.10 | FL News Team

An international research group has discovered new genes that can influence the risk for developing type-2 diabetes...