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A new law in Pennsylvania is helping police combat the proliferation of designer drugs which are taking lives in record numbers

06.13.16 | Bob Price

Tioga County Representative Matt Baker authored the bill in the general assembly.  He said, "129 people a day in America die of drug overdose deaths."Baker's bill, which was signed last week by Governor Wolf, enables police to make quicker...

Clifton Springs, NY newspaper reporter Brian Heffron is about to find out what it means to be a missionary journalist

06.13.16 | Bob Price

He's trading his job in the states to become a mouthpiece for missionaries in Cape Town, South Africa.Heffron said missionaries are often so busy with their work that they have little time to regularly report back to supporting churches about...

53 Year-old Salamanca, NY native Harold Nichols was one of two missionaries beaten to death over the weekend in Jamaica

05.03.16 | Bob Price

The killers ambushed the two as they were checking on the status of a home they had built for the poor.          Nichols had been a missionary to Jamaica for more than a decade.  His sister...