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Ron Hutchcraft

11.15.12 |

Hear what he had to say.

America For Jesus 2012

09.28.12 | Jeremy Miller

A two-day prayer assembly opens today on Independence Mall in Philadelphia.  The gathering, called America for Jesus 2012, is being put on by a coalition of ministries known as One Nation Under God.  Organizers describe the event as a ...

Vanderbilt Christian Student Group Under Fire

04.24.12 | Jeremy Miller

Vanderbilt University in Nashville told a Christian student group that it must remove the requirement that its leaders have a "personal commitment to Jesus Christ" or lose its recognition on campus.  The Christian Legal Society told The ...

Christian Leaders Praise Chuck Colson's Life, Ministry

04.24.12 | Jeremy Miller

Christian leaders continue to pay tribute to Prison Fellowship Ministries Founder Chuck Colson who passed away over the weekend.  CitizenLink points to several of these tributes including: Dr. James Dobson, quote, "The world has lost one of ...

Christian Leaders Remember Chuck Colson

04.23.12 | Jeremy Miller

Unlike the mainstream media, Christian leaders have focused on the transformational life and work of Evangelical leader Chuck Colson who died on Saturday.  According to the Christian Post, author and Christian apologist Lee Strobel says, ...

Global Pray For Children Day Tomorrow

04.20.12 | Jeremy Miller

Tomorrow, an annual day of prayer for the world's children will be observed by Christians around the world.  According to the Christian Post, "Global 4/14 Day" is annual event for children between the ages of 3 and 14.  Coordinator ...

Christians and Jews Observe, Celebrate

04.06.12 | Jeremy Miller

Jews around the world will be observing Passover which begins at sundown tonight.  Known as Pesach, the Jewish holiday is the one most commonly observed, even by those described as non-observant Jews.  The Judaism 101 Web site says the ...

Obamacare Draws Call To Prayer

03.30.12 | Jeremy Miller

Catholic bishops in Pennsylvania are calling for today to be a day of prayer, fasting and abstinence for religious liberty.  The bishops are engaged in a battle with the Obama administration over whether the government can mandate employers to ...

Survey: Mormons Tithe More Than Christians

03.16.12 | Jeremy Miller

Mormon Church Continues Exponential Growth

Christians Kick Off 30 Hour Famine Event

02.24.12 | Jeremy Miller

Fasting to Benefit Hungry Children