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10 percent Of Deaths Worldwide Caused By Inactivity

07.20.12 | Bob Price

Physical inactivity causes one in ten deaths worldwide, according to a series of studies. Researchers say their findings put physical inactivity on par with smoking and obesity as a health risk.

Russia Changes The Rules On Child Adoptions

07.11.12 | Sarah Harnisch

Russia has ratified a long-awaited agreement on the adoption of Russian children by Americans. Russia has long complained about the abuse of kids by their adoptive parents. At least 19 have died at the hands of Americans. The issue came to a head ...

Forget the Gideons: Hotel Offers Bible On A Kindle

07.05.12 | Sarah Harnisch

A British hotel is providing guests a Kindle e-reader pre-loaded with the Bible.  According to "The Telegraph," Hotel Indigo boasts it is the first hotel in Britain to offer the service.  The service is a trial, and after July 16th, the ...

The Higgs Boson Particle: What's The Christian Response?

07.04.12 | Sarah Harnisch

There was is a big debate on God today in Switzerland. Teams of thousands of scientists announced they found the "God particle"-- the Higgs Boson particle-- and they believe it's the particles that man are made of. They also think it explains the ...

Church Over Christ's Supposed Birth Stable May Be Honored

06.29.12 | Sarah Harnisch

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization -- UNESCO -- is expected to vote today on a request to name the Church of the Nativity a World Heritage Site.  The church in the heart of Bethlehem is built over a cave that ...

U-S / U-K Unite in the Name of Olympic Security

06.27.12 | Bob Price

Fighter jets thunder above the English countryside. Missiles stand ready. And Big Brother is watching like never before. The London Olympics are no ordinary games. Not since World War II have Britain and the United States teamed up for such a ...

Crows stop the Mail !!!

06.25.12 | Bob Price

Residents of a neighborhood in Winnipeg, Manitoba, have a flock of crows to blame for a stoppage in their mail service.

Sigh of relief at G20 Summit over Greek Election Results

06.18.12 | Bob Price

World leaders expressed relief on the eve of a G20 summit that Greek voters had stepped back from the edge and elected a government that supports painful reforms in exchange for a European Union bailout of the country's troubled economy.

Bibles Yanked From Military Exchange Store Shelves

06.15.12 | Sarah Harnisch

The Department of Defense has removed all military edition Bibles from shelves of military exchange stores. They were told the Bibles were unconstitutional, and there were 200-thousand plaintiffs preparing a massive class action lawsuit if it ...

Reseacher Claims To Have Found The Bones Of John The Baptist

06.15.12 | Sarah Harnisch

Bones discovered in an ancient Bulgarian church could belong to John the Baptist.  The claim is made by researcher Thomas Higham of the University of Oxford.  He says the handful of bones were discovered in a sarcophagus bearing an ...

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