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Government Wants Information On Thousands Of Accounts

08.19.09 | FL News Team

Washington had accused UBS of helping wealthy Americans hide assets for the purpose of evading taxes.

No Election Day Operations For NATO Troops

08.18.09 | FL News Team

The pullback is part of an agreement with Afghan troops.

Mexico Cans Customs Agents

08.17.09 | FL News Team

An entirely new force of nearly 15-hundred agents will be sworn in.

Missing Russian Vessel Found

08.17.09 | FL News Team

The vessel was due to dock on August 4th at a port in Algeria.

100s of Newly Discovered Species in the Himalayas

08.11.09 | FL News Team

The world’s smallest deer and a “flying frog”...just two species discovered.

Joyful Reunion in SoCal as Freed Journalists Come Home

08.05.09 | FL News Team

Laura Ling and Euna Lee had been held captive in North Korea for five months.

Russia Says Subs Are Nothing to Worry About

08.05.09 | FL News Team

Russian navy is said to systematically homes in on the location of NATO submarines.

Iran's Supreme Leader Endorses Ahmadinejad

08.03.09 | FL News Team

Meanwhile, a mass trial for protesters kicked off Saturday.

Lack of Sleep May Increase Risk of Diabetes

08.03.09 | FL News Team

The researchers say sleep is needed just like physical activity and healthy eating habits.

Commission Studying America's Future in Space

07.31.09 | FL News Team

Chairman says NASA's budget can only afford the shuttle or a manned Mars program...not both.

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