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Red Cross Assesses Haiti Response Six Months After Quake

07.09.10 | FL News Team

The agency estimates that it has helped almost two-million Haitians.

Poll: Americans Tune Out World Cup

07.08.10 | FL News Team

63-percent of Americans never tuned in to watch.

Russia, U.S. Brokering Possible Spy Swap

07.08.10 | FL News Team

Russia has apparently compiled a list of ten of its citizens imprisoned for passing secrets to the West.

Scientists Announce Possible Predictive Test For Alzheimer's

07.06.10 | FL News Team

The scientists say there's still a lot of work to be done.

Study: Genes Behind Extreme Longevity

07.02.10 | FL News Team

The study could help explain why long life tends to run in families.

Pope Travels To Cyprus

06.04.10 | FL News Team

The first Pope in modern time to visit the island.

McChrystal: Iran Training, Furnishing Weapons For Afghan Insurgents

05.31.10 | FL News Team

Coalition troops are working to stop the Islamic Republic from being involved in the Afghan war.

Pakistan Lifts Ban On Facebook

05.31.10 | FL News Team

Ban was imposed after a page surfaced on the social networking site for a contest to draw the Prophet Mohammed.

Confrontation Between Israel, Gaza-Bound Flotilla Turns Deadly

05.31.10 | FL News Team

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is reportedly considering returning to Israel to deal with the fallout.

German Parliament Approves Contribution To Save Euro

05.21.10 | FL News Team

Lawmakers ignore public opposition.

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