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PA's governor will block a ban on plastic grocery bags

06.22.17 | Sarah Harnisch

Gov. Wolf says he will veto a bill that would have barred municipalities from imposing fees, taxes or outright bans on the use of plastic shopping bags. The governor says this is a decision best left to local communities, adding that citizens...

The PA health department has announced the 12 companies that'll grow and process marijuana for medical use

06.21.17 | Bob Price

Just a dozen licenses were awarded out of 400 companies that applied.         Medical marijuana will be available in pill and oil forms only.  No smoke-able pot in Pennsylvania.Those awarded permits...

PA politicians are looking to finish up work soon on a more than $32 billion state budget

06.21.17 | Bob Price

Pundits are calling it the “Get-out-of-town Budget.” The deadline is next weekend. Lawmakers and Governor Wolf hope historic prison and pension reform plus government consolidation and gambling expansion will shore-up a $3 billion...

PA state police have launched their yearly 'Code RED' food inspection campaign

06.20.17 | Bob Price

They're doing random safety-checks of big rigs all summer long to make sure the products they're hauling meet safety standards.State police will be setting up checkpoints on major highways throughout the commonwealth to make sure food is being...

A former governor returns to PA's capitol to mark an educational milestone

06.20.17 | Bob Price

Tom Ridge served as governor from 1995 to 2001, and he stood in the Capitol rotunda Monday to mark the 20th anniversary of the Pennsylvania charter school law. It was signed by Ridge in 1997 and created the commonwealth's first charter schools...

Former PA attorney general Kathleen Kane continues to fight to try and clear her name

06.19.17 | Bob Price

Kane was sentenced last fall to up to two years behind bars for leaking grand jury secrets and lying about it under oath. Now, she says the judge in her case gave too much power to the special prosecutor who investigated her. The ousted AG...

Authorities in Monroe County, PA are investigating the tragic death of a four-year-old

06.19.17 | Bob Price

The little boy shot himself Sunday morning while playing with a gun in his home.     The victim, Bentley Koch died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. It happened at a private home in Chestnuthill Township.At this point...

PA Gov. Tom Wolf is threatening legal action if the U.S. Justice Dept. goes after the state's medical marijuana suppliers

06.16.17 | Bob Price

In a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Wolf says the federal government should not get in the way of Pennsylvania’s right to use, distribute, possess, and cultivate medical marijuana.

PA's attorney general says the state's crackdown on opiod abuse is going straight into the boardrooms of pharmaceutical companies

06.16.17 | Bob Price

A.G. Josh Shapiro says "4,642 Pennsylvanian's died last year of drug overdoses.  That's 13 a day."Shapiro is joining colleagues from across the country to investigate the role drug companies play in the opiod crisis.The attorney general is...

PA House members have voted to increase the fine for vehicle operators who drive with the wrong class of license

06.15.17 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Under the bill, the base penalty of $25 would go up to $200, the same fee as driving with no license.

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